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1 Simple Change Can Spark Hope

After Canadian sports show host Michael Landsberg shared his lived experience with depression and anxiety in 2009, he became a passionate mental health advocate. In 2016, he founded #SickNotWeak, a charity focused on reducing stigma and encouraging open conversations about mental health.

Michael and the folks at #SickNotWeak are doing great things, and one thing they promote is “Change is hope”. What could this mean exactly at this time when many people continue to feel anxious, down, and stuck in a rut as the pandemic continues with no clear end in sight?

The good news is that the change they speak of refers to changing just one thing. Something. Anything.

It doesn’t need to be a complete overhaul of your routine to shift your outlook and improve your overall mood. Some creativity and flexibility will be in order, and the shift doesn’t mean that you’ll no longer have stress, worries, or bad moods in your life. We all have these – it’s about how hopeful we feel that we will manage them in positive ways and things will get better.

A friend recently told me that the same guest room converted to home office, the identical daily routine, and the same old pyjama pants of many months were getting to her and she was feeling down and unmotivated. Her idea? Going to the public library to work a few days a week. She said the change of scenery made a difference and she looked forward to getting dressed in what she calls “real clothes”. It wasn’t a huge change but enough to get her out of the rut and help her feel more hopeful.

What could your “one thing” be? It’s totally up to you, but here are some suggestions:

Check out #SickNotWeak for more about Michael Landsberg’s journey and how they are making a difference.

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