If you are in crisis, call our 24/7 COAST Crisis Line at 1-877-825-9011. For Information and Referral, call 905-693-4270.

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Referrals for our Transitional Case Management, Dual Diagnosis Case Management, and Coping Skills for Change groups are processed by one-Link, a central access point for mental health and addiction services ls in our area to make sure that people who need support receive the right services for them. The fax number for one-Link is included on these referral forms.

After a referral is made, individuals will be contacted by a one-Link Service Coordinator to talk about the referral in more detail.

For more information on one-Link, visit the one-Link website or view the one-Link Referral Form.

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Crisis Outreach Referral Form 

*If you are unable to fax Crisis Outreach Referral Forms at this time, please call 289-291-5426 and we will take your referral over the phone.


Court Support Referral Form

For more information on referrals for particular programs and services, please visit our Programs & Services page.


Halton Mental Health Resource Guide

CMHA Halton Brochure

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