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Take 5 minutes for your mental health

Does this sound familiar: by the time you’ve finished work, meals, and everything else on your to-do list, you wonder how to possibly squeeze in something to benefit your mental health? The good news is that even a bit of time every day can have a positive cumulative effect.

It can be tempting to say that if we can’t carve out a large chunk of time every day, we’ll just do nothing at all for ourselves. But, we can’t underestimate the impact that just a few minutes can have when we choose to use them intentionally. They can refresh us, change our focus, and help us feel a sense of accomplishment.

What you do with these small bits of time is all up to you – it’s less about the actual activity and more about feeling positive during and after it. To get your ideas flowing, here a few suggestions you can do in five minutes or less:

Of course, capitalize when you can make more time for yourself – think of these short blocks as good practice.

Artwork by Harshita Jha: www.Harshitajha.art 

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